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We recognize the world needs variety. Therefore, you'll always have space & place with us to satisfy your individual musical whims.

Artist development
Live Performance. 

"Blinded by the light" 


Superstars such as Shakira, Beyonce, John Legend or Metallica have impressed you so much, that you've modeled yourself after them. While Haras Fyre Musik is extremely in favor of parody, we are even more in favor of artists being themselves.
"There's Nothing Like The Real Thing," Make a lasting impact on your audience by being a first-rate version of yourself - .instead of being a frogettble second-rate version of somebody else.
We'll help you find & develop your unique musical self.


Corporate Events

...such as with Allianz Insurance AG ("Gosch" Sylt  und "Meilenwerk-Legendenhalle" Böblingen), 800 bis 1.200 guests.

Website noch im Aufbau: Videos für Großraum Events folgen. Danke!

Wie don't only compose songs for internationale artists such as Santana, Lil' Kim oder 5AZ1:
We also compsoe music for private persons and companies who wish to give their friends & associates a lasting uique impression.
Music hits the emotions like nothing else can.
When you give someone a unique "Exclusively-for-You" musical signature, such a signature can be played/sent on mobile phones, CDs, USB-sticks, Ringtones - the possibilities are limitless. And each time the melody is heard, the listener will be reminded of you.
Desweiteren können wir Musik speziell für Ihren Lied-geeigneten Text komponieren. Also - Sie können ein Lied, gemeinsam mit Haras Fyre Musik, komponieren. Dabei können sich Robbie Williams, Deep Purple, Lionel Richie und Elvis eine Verschnaufpause während Ihrem Anlass gönnen. Scheuen Sie sich  nicht, uns diesbezüglich anzufragen.
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